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At Carrus, we help people improve their lives and advance their careers through exceptional healthcare learning. Our two training and continuing education solutions, CareerStep and CareerCert, are designed to meet the distinct needs of future and current healthcare workers.


CareerStep provides online healthcare training for people who are training for their first jobs in the field, working to advance their careers, or educating classrooms of potential professionals. CareerStep programs are user-friendly and accredited, so learners can quickly gain the knowledge they need to start improving people’s lives (beginning with their own).

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Through accredited courses and comprehensive programs, CareerCert helps practicing healthcare professionals close skill gaps, obtain certification and licensing, and stay up to date on the latest and best treatments and techniques. CareerCert is raising the level of professional learning—for the health of patients, for the health of careers.

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EHR Go is an interactive learning platform built for educators and designed to help learners recognize the holistic nature of healthcare—and become proficient in its technology. Embraced by more than 250,000 students and 1200 universities, with 600+ customizable activities built around the various cases and stories healthcare professionals see every day, Go is fully interprofessional and seamlessly integrates within programs, simulations, classrooms, labs, and clinicals.

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About Carrus

What began decades ago as a single medical transcription course is now one of the nation’s most trusted online healthcare training and professional development providers. Carrus delivers quality training programs to learners hoping to improve their lives, professionals looking to re-up their certifications and confidence, and institutions seeking to improve the student and employee experience. We pursue the best possible outcomes for our customers, whether that’s job placement, career advancement, or improved staff compliance.

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Carrus partners with hundreds of academic organizations and healthcare employers across the country.
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