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Using modern job technology, our goal is to connect skilled Allied Health workers with health systems looking to hire top talent, increase retention, and upskill their teams to keep them functioning at higher levels.

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We've Got History

At Carrus, we’ve spent the last 30 years doing everything we can to close the training-to-employment gap in Allied Health. In that time, we’ve armed hundreds of thousands of learners with the job skills they need to establish new careers — or advance in their current roles — and helped more than 1,300 health systems cut hiring costs and improve operational efficiency using our trusted solutions.

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Who We Help

Carrus systematically engages with Allied Health organizations to deliver timely and critical analytics and strategic insights to boost engagement and create exceptional learning experiences. With an end-to-end JobTech platform, we drive business results by helping health systems assess, evaluate, and elevate their existing teams while also attracting star talent.

Hospital Healthcare Systems


Dental Offices

Physical Therapy Clinics

Home Health Companies

Clinical Groups

Diagnostic Laboratories

Government Health Agencies

Nursing Homes

Outsourced Medical Staff Companies

Urgent Care Clinics

Centralized Service Providers

Veterinary Clinics

Critical Skills for Critical Needs

The problem:

Most professionals in the healthcare industry are only taught to meet the baseline requirements for minimal success. But as the industry evolves, the skills they’ve learned become less relevant. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve seen the impact this has on the industry:

Rapid Turnover and Low Engagement

Increase in Employee Burnout

High Hiring and Training Costs

Negative Patient Outcomes

The solution:

The Carrus Platform is built to ensure that every professional we place and every employee we train possesses or develops the skills necessary to be distinguished from their peers.


Basic skills relevant to the job and similar roles.


Specific to daily tasks and responsibilities — required for success in any role.


Advanced skills that separate professionals from others in their field.


Highly specific skills skills that may take years of on-the-job experience to acquire.

The results:

A more streamlined, intuitive way for employers to analyze their organizational needs, connect with skilled job candidates, and keep their staff current on all the latest treatments, methods, techniques, and technologies.

Slower Turnover and Higher Engagement

Decrease in Employee Burnout

Lower Hiring and Training Costs

Positive Patient Outcomes