What We Do

Reshaping the healthcare industry today for a brighter tomorrow.

We have one goal: to make the healthcare learning experience accessible, efficient, and effective. We open doors. We challenge the status quo. And we offer comprehensive training that’s built specifically to help entry-level beginners and seasoned pros boost their demand in the industry. Our approach is straightforward. It’s affordable. And it’s changing the way we find and develop professionals across a variety of fields.

Our Training

Tested. Proven. Trusted

Every course, program, and product offering is built by industry experts and vetted by professionals with concrete experience. Through knowledge-based assessments, real-world externships, and advanced certification prep, we test each Learner’s skill level, appraise their strengths, and evaluate their abilities.

Allied Health

Allied Health professionals comprise nearly 60% of the healthcare workforce. That’s a significant number—and industry reports indicate the need for these essential workers will continue to grow. That’s why CareerStep’s course catalog contains a variety of programs that include medical coding and billing, medical transcription, medical scribe, pharmacy technician training, dental assistant training, nursing assistant certification, veterinary assistant training, medical assistant training, and so much more.

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Professional Development

With accredited courses and comprehensive programs, our CareerCert division helps established healthcare professionals stay current on the latest treatments and techniques. Every bit of training is designed to help close skill gaps, build on their existing foundation, and keep their minds sharp. These courses include EMS training, infection control exams, firefighter training, paramedic refreshers, transport training, and a whole lot more.

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Our Process

Embraced by hundreds of thousands of new Learners and experienced medical professionals.

The demand for healthcare workers is at an all-time high—and the market continues to grow. If you want to get in on the ground floor or make a case for a big promotion, you’ll need some solid guidance. With Carrus, you’ll learn new skills, expand your knowledge, and advance your career. It’s a 3-step process:

1. Training

  • Choose from an extensive and expanding catalog of regularly updated courses and programs.
  • Enjoy tailored curriculums designed to suit every type of Learner, from entry-level beginners to seasoned professionals.
  • Get recertification reminders, close skill-gaps, and follow a definitive career trajectory.

2. Evaluation

  • Test your knowledge throughout the training process with a series of exams and assessments.
  • Get real-world experience through externships that challenge your abilities.
  • Find out how you compare to others in your field.

3. Certification

  • Earn credit and recognition for your hard work and dedication.
  • Gain a professional advantage with industry-recognized credentials that health providers want to see.
  • Build credibility while you earn and track credit hours.

Elevate Your Knowledge for Greater Opportunity

Don’t waste another minute. Jump in with both feet and find out just how far Carrus can help take your career. All you have to do is give us a call.