Partner With Carrus

When you team up with us, the result is greater than the sum of two parts—it’s an elevated experience for everyone, including better access to services, more resources, and more support.

Healthcare Organizations

Working with Carrus, you can offer your staff current, high-quality, self-paced training and continuing education that will increase their confidence, competence, and compliance.

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Academic Partners

Whether you’re a small vocational school or a major university, partnering with Carrus can help you boost your bottom line, create successful programs, and prepare your students for careers.

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Employment Partners

It’s pretty simple—our goal is to turn motivated learners into skilled workers, and yours is to find skilled workers for specialized jobs. Let’s work together.

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Program Partners

We often license, brand, and host training programs from third parties whose content standards and company values are compatible with ours. Interested in collaborating?

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Other Interested Parties

Does your mission align with ours? Do you serve a military population or a demographic that would benefit from quality, trusted healthcare training, continuing education, and/or certification management? Great! Let’s talk.

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