Carrus Partners with 3M to Introduce Medical Transcription and Editing Practice Tool

New Tool Provides Industry-Leading Medical Transcription Courses 

LEHI, Utah — February 9, 2021 —

Carrus, one of the nation’s most trusted online healthcare training and professional development providers, today announced a partnership with 3M to leverage its award-winning and industry-standard transcription tool with Carrus’ medical transcriptionist courses.

“This is a first of its kind offering. The addition of the 3M tool allows us to offer exercises that better prepare our learners. Most importantly, with real-world transcription and editing experience.” said Christi Wruck, VP of product at Carrus. “ Furthermore, We are proud to partner with a renowned industry leader like 3M. We will continue to offer courses that help our students enter the workforce immediately.”

In advance of launching this tool with the Medical Transcription and Editing courses, 3M and Carrus tested the tool with transcriptionists in the field. Through a rigorous vetting process, recordings, SRT files, and official transcription files for the program that reflect real-life scenarios. Thereby, allowing Learners to sharpen their skills. In effect, this better prepares and qualifies them to enter the healthcare job market.

The assessment delivered by the tool is based on Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) standards. Above all, it identifies critical errors, non-critical errors, and minor errors. It also includes targeted guidance and feedback from industry experts to help the learner understand the reasoning behind the correct solution. This feedback helps learners gain insights from industry experts while completing the course at their own pace.

“Working with Carrus on this initiative means that healthcare professionals will be more equipped to handle real-world scenarios from the start of their careers.” said Paula Pasquinelli, Clinician Solutions Business Manager at 3M.

“With the decades of experience that Carrus brings, students gain situational awareness of the rigors of the field. And, they become eminently more employable.”

CareerStep, a subsidiary of Carrus, offers online certificate programs that are designed to prepare learners for a career in healthcare, administration, or technology. Above all, when offered as professional development, they offer hospitals and health systems the change to retrain and retain their employees. Online training programs allow learners the ability to access courses in their own time.

To learn more about the 3M MTE tool, visit

About Carrus

Carrus delivers quality, trusted healthcare learning content. For example, continuing education, and certification management to new learners, healthcare professionals, and institutions through an integrated technology platform. In effect, providing the most seamless healthcare learning experience possible. In more than its 25 year history, Carrus through its CareerStep and CareerCert divisions has trained over 140,000 learners for new careers, partnered with more than 150 colleges and universities nationwide, and trained over 100,000 healthcare professionals.

More information can be found at, or 844-854-1160.

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